Life Settlements - Are You a Candidate?

We represent numerous funding sources and will work hard to find a settlement offer for you!

A Life Settlement allows:

  • The owner and/or beneficiary to forgo the ongoing premium obligations.
  • The owner and/or beneficiary to generate new found wealth for a policy previously considered a liability.
  • The new owner now has the full right to be the beneficiary of the acquired policy.
  • When the person named in the policy passes away, the beneficiary (the new owner), receives the policy benefit.

Life Settlement Qualification Criteria

Below is some basic life settlement qualifications, however, each individual case is looked at differently. We recommend you Contact Us or fill out our online evaluation form (see below) to receive your free consultation with a Life Settlement Professional.

Face Value (Death Benefit): $100,000 - no maximum face value
Policy Type: Universal Life (UL) Policies only
Medical Exam: No medical exam or physical required
Sex: Male and Female
Age: Must be over 75 years old
Insured Province of Residence: Quebec Only

• A Life Expectancy (LE) report will be required in order to estimate the number of months a specified insured under a specified life insurance policy can be expected to live. A LE is determined by an independent medical review company employing actuaries and in order to obtain an LE we will require a medical release to be complete by the insured (see form below).

• There can be variances in the estimated life expectancy and this can lead to different offers from different funding companies. That is why we contact every funding source available.

• Must be a change in health status since the issue of the policy.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in discussing a potential Life Settlement or if you have any other questions.



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