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At Prosperity, we provide our clients with a unique and innovative service and personalized support to strive to obtain an increased value for their unneeded or unwanted Quebec life insurance policy.

Prosperity is a Canadian Federal Company registered in Montreal, Quebec with sub-offices and affiliates throughout North America. Our professionals can meet with you at no cost to discuss a Life Settlement, an option other than surrending your life insurance policy to the insurance company for its cash surrender value, and answer any questions related to a Life Settlement in English or French.

In order to accomplish our undertaking to often providing an increased value for a select life insurance policy we believe commitment, dedication, teamwork, networking, ongoing training and development within our organization. It is our goal to achieve excellence in all aspects of a Life Settlement transaction and it is our intention to develop mutual lasting relationships built on integrity, trust, respect, and good business practices. We thrive on challenge and always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Prosperity is involved in the Life Settlement industry supported by associated firms including Sandor Group (a life settlement specialist) who has been in the insurance and financial industries for over 40 years and the international Life Settlement industry for over 10 years.


Life Settlements have and continue to grow at an extremely fast rate. In the last few years, the business of Life Settlements has grown where thousands of U.S. seniors have realized the benefits of the sale of their life insurance policy to achieve an improved quality of life, freedom from bills, relief from financial stress and assured life-long income. At Prosperity, we are committed to providing Life Settlement education to Canadians to support market growth, allow policy owners another option to consider other than surrendering their policy to their insurance company, and to allow senior citizens to realize the same benefits as their North American counterparts.

Prosperity Makes it Easy!

Our skilled and dedicated representatives and staff are accustomed to the complexities involved with selling a life insurance policy. We are here to assist insured’s, policy owners and agents to navigate this often complex sales process and provide a sucessful outcome of the sale of such life insurance policy. Should you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to Contact Us.



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